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Lecture 15

PHY 2020 Lecture 15: Chapter 15-17

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PHY 2020

Chapter 15 1. Heat is energy 2. The moderate of island throughout the world has much to do with water’s, High specific heat 3. When an iron ring is heated the hole in the ring becomes Larger 4. Ice tends to form first at the: Surface of bodies of water 5. Temperature is distinguished from heat when we note that whereas temperature: All of the above 6. During a very cold winter, waterpipes sometimes burst. The reason for this is: Water expands when freezing 7. A substance that heats up relatively quickly is said to have a: Low specific heat capacity 8. The temperature at Lake Tahoe, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountain in California, at this moment is 9. How does a microwave work? Radiation is used to heat up substance. Microwaves act mainly on water in food, causing the water molecules to vibrate and rotate. 10.Why do somethings heat up faster in a microwave than others? It matters to how much water is in the food/substance object. 11.When you touch a cold piece of ice with your finger, energy flows: From your finger to the ice 12.If glass expanded more than mercury, then the column of mercury thermometer would rise when the temperature Decreases 13.A temperature difference of 10 degree Celsius is also equal to a temperature difference of 10 on the: Kelvin scale 14.Which if the following normally warms up fastest when heat is applied? Iron 15.Ice has a lower density than water because ice: Is made of open structed, hexagonal crystals 16.A metal ball is just able to pass through a metal ring. When Anette increases the temperature of the ball, however, it will not pass through the ring. What would happen if she instead increased the temperature of the ring rather than the ball? Discuss whether the size of the hole increases, stays the same, or decreases. Every part of the ring of a metal ring expands when it is heated. Chapter 16 1. Metal is a good conductor of heat and electricity. 2. Wood is a poor conductor. 3. Why is it that you can place your hand briefly inside a hot pizza oven without harm, but you are burned if you touch the metal sides of the over? When touching the metal, you are touching many molecules. 4. A good conductor of heat is: A poor insulator 5. At the same temperature which move with the greater speed in the air? Light molecules 6. Hydrogen and oxygen molecules in a gas sample have the same tempe
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