BSC 1010 Lecture 15: Chapter 19&25

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Biological Science
BSC 1010
John Geiger

process of development process of systematic gene-directed changes throughout an organism's life cycle 4 subprocesses of development cell division, differentiation, pattern formation, morphogenesis cleavage _______ is not accompanied by any increase in the overall size of the embryo cell division very first process that must occur during embryogenesis. In animals, controlled by cyclins and and cyclin- dependent kinases (Cdks) 210 Human body contains _____ types of differentiated cells molecular basis of determination cells initiate developmental changes by using transcription factors to change patterns of gene expression induction change in cell fate due to interaction with an adjacent cell stem cells cells that are capable of continued division, but can also give rise to differentiated cells embryonic stem cells form of pluripotent stem cells (give rise to all cells in the adult organism's body),
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