BSC 1010 Lecture Notes - Disruptive Selection

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Published on 17 Jul 2013
Biological Science
BSC 1010
5. In habitat A, you find that you only have red flowering plants and white flowering
plants but there are no pink flowering plants. A) Is the population in habitat A in Hardy-
Weinberg equilibrium? Yes/No, explain. B) Which one(s) of the five agents of
evolutionary change could be responsible for these results? Explain
The population is not in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium because all of the alleles are not
present. This is because the red and white flowers are homozygous dominant, but there
are no heterozygous flowers. This could be due to gene flow because the proportion of
alleles changed over time due to gene flow
6. What type of selection(s) could be responsible for the results in habitat A? Explain
Disruptive selection would be responsible for the results in Habitat A, because there are
red and white flowers, but no pink flowers.
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