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Lecture 7

CHM 1045 Lecture 7: Chapter 7 Notes

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CHM 1045
Uma Swamy

The _____ of a wave is the number of wave cycles per second. This quantity is given the symbol v and has s or ____. Frequency, Hz The distance a wave travel during one cycle is called its _____. This is usually measured as the distance between two _______ or two troughs. Wavelengths, Crest The speed of a wave is determined by multiplying the ______ of the wave by its wavelength. In a vacuum all electromagnetic radiation travels at a constant speed, the speed of ________. Frequency, Light. What correctly defines the amplitude of a wave? The height of each crest or depth of each trough. What correctly describes the electromagnetic spectrum? All waves in the spectrum travel at the same speed in a vacuum. The color of visible light is related to its frequency. What describes the diffraction of light? Diffraction is the apparent bending of light around the edge of an object in its path. Any two waves that meet as they travel through the same medium will interact. If the two waves are in phase their crests will coincide and they will experience _______ interference, producing a wave with a(n) ______ amplitude. Constructive, Amplitude.
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