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Lecture 44

HSC 2100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 44: Dialysis, Artificial Kidney, Extracellular Fluid

Health Sciences
Course Code
HSC 2100
James Crawlynn

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White blood cells
Contain a nucleus, involved in protection against disease
Releases thromboplasic enzyme which clots blood
Interstitial fluid
Fluid found in organisms that is between cells
Nephron filtrate
Plasma and blood components that are filtered out of blood at the bowman's capsule. Only considered
urine upon reaching the collecting duct
Renal Dialysis
Treatment for kidney failure
The patient's blood is cleansed by circulation through a dialysis machine which acts as an artificial kidney
Renal dialysis similarities and differences to Kidney
-Urea is removed
-Drugs, toxins etc are removed
-Helps balance salt and water levels
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