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Lecture 46

HSC 2100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 46: Arterial Blood Gas, Cross-Matching, Emulsion

Health Sciences
Course Code
HSC 2100
James Crawlynn

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Arterial blood gas analysis
Requires sample of blood from patient, which is run through an arterial blood gas analysis machine.
Invasive test.
-Measures oxygen, carbon dioxide and bicarbonate ion concentration
-Measure pH
-Used in emergency hospital settings
Advantage of artificial blood
Advantages of this kind of blood include-
Can be made in large quantities
Low cost, long storage life
Can be sterilized, removes risk of infection
No cross matching of blood type required
Donated blood limitations
Some PROBLEMS with donated blood include-
-Short storage life, constant intake of donations required
-Difficulty transporting, particularly to isolated locations eg developing nations, military conflict zones
-Cross matching blood types adds compatibility issues, patient blood type must be determined, eg O+,
AB-, B+
-Infection risk, eg HIV virus in developing nations
-Used in emergency settings
Progress in producing artificial blood
Perflurocarbon Emulsion
-Lipid enclosed in an emulsion for transport in blood stream
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