MGF 1107 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Stratified Sampling, Pie Chart

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Published on 17 Oct 2019
Mathematics - General and Fini
MGF 1107
The purpose of this project is to give you a better understanding of statistical studies, what
goes into creating them and how important it is to be able to read them correctly.
Create a survey question about a topic that is relevant to your particular major/field of study.
Survey a minimum of 30 people and record your data. Then answer the following questions:
Survey’s question: How many departments in the upcoming years (2025,2030,2035,2040,2045)
(from 1-5) do you think would need to be changed or totally removed in our society, so our lives
would be improved and benefit by a lot more?
1) Why did you choose the topic?
I chose this topic, because I think that it was an appropriate topic, which people would
find it easier to answer honestly than the one that they may have been asked to point at
someone specifically from these departments. I think that the overall results will be
more credible and with almost 0% bias on it.
2) Is the data you collected qualitative or quantitative?
The data that I collected is quantitative in a way, because of the numerical information
on it, but also a little bit qualitative, because even though most of the people have given
numbers in the end and even though the main question of the survey wasn’t to give
specific names of them, some of them also included specific names of the departments
that needed to be changed.
3) What sampling method did you use to survey people and why?
I used the stratified sampling method, because I thought that the best way to get the
most unbiased result possible, would be to ask people in different classes with different
majors, so I asked people with Criminal Justice majors, people with Political Science
majors and people with Hospitality majors.
4) What sort of bias did you find in your study and what could you have done differently to
avoid it?
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