MGF 1107 Lecture 4: Pre-Class Worksheet (4A) jonihaxhi

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Published on 18 Oct 2019
MGF 1107
Pre-Class Assignment 4A
Read through section 4A in your book and answer the following questions.
1) Let’s assume that your tuition (not including books and supplies) for this semester is
$7500. If you are taking 5 courses, and each class meets 3 hours a week, what are you
paying per hour for your classes? (A typical college semester is 15 weeks long.)
7500 / 5 = 1500$ for each of the 5 courses.
If each class meets 3 hours a week then in total it would be 15 hours.
So, the paying per hour on those classes would be 1500 / 15 = 100$
2) List out the basic items that you spend money on every month and estimate how much
you spend on them. Then add everything up to come up with a total of your expenses.
Before I would arrive in campus (which I am not including as things would get confusing)
I used to spend moneys monthly on several things. I used to spend moneys on buying
clothes, shoes and accessories every month, because I wanted to be updated with the
trend which would be about 60-80$ / month, (in Albania it is higher than average), I
would also eat more than 90% of the time outside of the home, and that would be
about 220$ a month and to add other drinks, chocolates or deserts, it would go around
350. I also used to get out a lot with my friends, and I think I spent on average about
70$/month with them. So, in total they would be about 500$ spent only for me, each
month and knowing Albanian’s economy and incomes it was a lot. Now that I am in here
and think about how much I spent back there, compared with the prices of some of
those things in here, I kind of feel bad and regret for being so greedy and beneficiary of
those things’ prices back in my country.
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