MGF 1107 Lecture 1: Conceptual HW 1D JoniHaxhi

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Published on 20 Oct 2019
Mathematics - General and Fini
MGF 1107
What is your general understanding about the value of
studying logic? Why do you think it is important to be
analyze an argument and where might this come into play
in your everyday life?
I think that studying logic is the best thing that one can do.Not only it will help us in our future
conversations with different people all over the world but It will also allow our thought to be
more concise and compelling.Studying logic may help us in many more ways too.For
example,one can think as hard as he can to solve a mathematical problem or exercise and it
takes him hours and hours of hard effort to finally solve it,while in the other hand one who has
already formed a strong logic on his brain can easily solve it in less than 5-10 minutes.This is
only a basic example of how logic can play an important role in our life and why it is important
to study it.Logic can also help us a lot when we are having a hard time on forming and analyzing
a strong argument to somebody.It may happen to everybody,weither young or old,it doesn’t
matter that much.Every single one of us has difficiulties on their job,school or even social
life.The problems may come from so many different people who may want to ‘’overpower’us
in terms of logic and that’s why we should maintain our composure,put our logic into work and
create an anti-statement to that person so he can remain silent,without anything else to add.It
is the best feeling in the world to know that your logic already beat someone’s else.Weither this
be on front of many people or even just 2,it doesn’t matter because the feeling is the same,in
my opinion.So with a few words,logic makes a big impact in our everyday’s life and without
logic no one would be able to do things properly and it would take so long,as our recent world
that we’re living in,would have to go backwards by a lot.
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