MGF 1107 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Shoplifting

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Published on 20 Oct 2019
What sort of sets do you find naturally occur in your field of
Within my field of study which is criminal justice,many sets and categories can be
easily found.The most obvious divisions in this field are felonies,misdemeanors
and infractions.Felonies include crimes such murder,armer robbery and
arson.Misdemeanors are different from felonies and they include
shoplifting,assault and trespassing.In the other hand,speeding,assault and
trespassing are all examples of infractions.Or we can find an easier set on this
field like for example:hair,blood and fingerprints which are used in the
investigation as facts for the crime that has happened.So in conclusion I think that
these are the main sets that occur mostly in my field of study.
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