PSY 2000 Lecture 15: ch.15 Psychological Therapies

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Florida International University
PSY 2000
William Aronson

Treatment in the Past (3) mentally ill people began to be confined to institutions called asylums in the mid1500s treatments were harsh and often damaging Philippe Pinel became famous for demanding that the mentally ill be treated with kindness, personally unlocking that chains in France Therapy:* treatment methods aimed at making people feel better and function more effectively Two Broad Categories of Therapy* one based primarily in PSYCHOLOGICAL THEORY and techniques the other uses MEDICAL INTERVENTION to bring symptoms under control Psychotherapy* therapy for mental disorders in which a person with a problem talks with a psychological professional Psychotherapy: Insight Therapy* psychotherapies in which main goal is helping people gain insight with respect to their behavior, thoughts, feelings Psychotherapy: Action Therapy* psychotherapy in which the main goal is to change disordered or inappropriate behavior directly Biomedical Therapy therapy for mental disorders in which a person is treated with biological or mental methods to relieve symptoms, can be surgical based or noninvasive
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