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Social Psychology
SOP 3004
Steve Charman

Ksenia Artsibachev 3630056 Extra Credit Essay Growing up my dad had a huge collection of guns, swords, sabre, katanas, daggers and etc. that he would have hanging up around the house. My sister and I were also often left home alone together. Every time my sister and I would watch a violent or action filled movie (it all started with “Kill Bill” because we thought Uma Thurman and Lucy Lui looked cool), we would decide to take the swords and katanas and just fight. I know that it is very dangerous now, but we were young and stupid. Basically, my sister and I would actually “go at it” with each other—jumping around on furniture, swinging the sharp swords and etc. at each other, kick each other, punch each other, and etc. You name it—we did it. Sometimes these fights that started off as innocent, turned very aggressive. Aggressive to the point where we wouldn’t stop until the other either admitted defeat or got hurt. At the end, the one who lost had to be the other ones slave for a week. These fights went on until, our father came home early one day and saw us doing it. Which then he so kindly proceeded to demonstrate how sharp the weapons were…with the help of our clothes! During class when we were talking about aggression, these fights popped into my head. Automatically, I could see multiple things that could have explained our behavior back then. One of these things is arousal. Watching “Kill Bill” and basically any Jackie Chang movie, would get my sister and I very aroused and hyped. We would get su
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