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Social Psychology
SOP 3004
Steve Charman

Ksenia Artsibachev Panther ID 3630056 For this assignment, I completed two IATs. The first one I completed was one that tested my preference for either African Americans or European Americans. The IAT had me sort pictures of black people and white people, and then pictures of bad words and good words. Then throughout the test, the test started to switch the sides of the screen that the categories belonged to and what categories belonged together. For example: at first, White and Good were together on the right and Black and bad were together on the left. Then, the IAT changed it to were White was with Bad on the left and Black was with Good on the right. We would then have to match the pictures with the categories. How fast we would match them would show the researchers how we prefer one group over the other. For example, it may be easier to match the words when Good was with White and Black was with Bad, then when the groups are switched up. The IAT result came up saying that I had a strong automatic preference for European Americans compared to African Americans and if I am being honest, that result is pretty accurate. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not prejudice or racist, but I would have to agree that I do sure a reference for European Americans. 1) I am European Americans and we prefer the groups we are in and 2) I grew up around predominately European Americans. However, the result from the second IAT was only somewhat true to me.
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