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Lecture 7

ACG-2021 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Financial Statement, Accounts Payable, Retained EarningsPremium

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Lecture 7
- people we owe money to
Note payable
- debt financing activity
- amount owed to a bank
Bonds payable
- debt financing activity
- amount owed to bondholders
Equity financing
- issuing or selling shares of stock for cash
Common stock
- equity financing activity
- the amount shareholders have invested
- equity financing activity
- cash payments to stockholders
Investing activities
- The purchase of long-lived resources (i.e. assets) a company needs in order to
Assets (2 ypes)
- resources owned by a business
- current and long-lived
Current assets
- investing activity
- assets expected to be used up within 1 year
Long-lived assets
- investing activity
- assets that will NOT be used up within 1 year
Property, Plant, and Equipment (PP&E)
- investing activity
- long-lived assets currently used in operating the business
- Examples: computers, buildings, delivery trucks, machinery
Operating Activities
- The principal or main activities a firm undertakes to make money
- Example: Willy Wonka makes and sells candy
Revenues (3 types)
- an increase in assets or decrease in liabilities from selling something in the
normal course of business
- revenues are based on type
- Types of Revenues: Sales revenue, Service revenue, Interest Revenue
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