ANT-2000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Homo Naledi, Richard Wrangham, Homo Ergaster

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2 Nov 2016
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November 2nd, 2016
Homo ergaster lifeways
- Reliance on meat
Butchering larger animals
Hunting vs. scavenging
Abnormal tissue on tibia of ER-1808, from 1.6 million years ago, suggests that
meat was eaten
Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human
- Written by Richard Wrangham in 2009
- Raw to ooked…irease the utritio that ould e extrated fro food
- Allowed a shorter gut and a bigger brain
- Less time chewing, allows more time hunting
- Sexual division of labor
Mastery of Fire
Who was Nariokotoe’s aestor?
Homo Naledi
- Lee Berger2016 Time 100 list
- Primitive shoulders
Shoulders were positioned in a way that would have helped with climbing
and hanging
- Flared pelvis
- Curved fingers
- Humanlike feet
- Long legs
- Versatile hands
- No canine-cutting complex; teeth are small
Rising Star Discoveries
- 1,550 specimens of bones and teeth
- at least 15 individuals
Homo neanderthalensis
- More than 80 sites in Europe, Israel, and West Asia
- Homogenous population with identifiable traits, limited time span, and limited
geographic distribution
- Type specimen discovered in a cave in the Neander Valley, discovered in 1856.
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