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Perspectives on Sexuality Notes

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ANT 2301
Geoffrey Thomas

ANT NOTES 08-29 Topic 1 EARLY CHRISTIANITY  Jesus o Liberal in thinking about sexuality  St. Paul and later followers o Est. view of sexuality  Gender roles with women, all eve’s fault o Highest love was love of god o Ideal situation was celibacy  The Middle Ages o All sex outside of marriage is bad! o Only natural acts of sex are ok- to make babies (Thomas Aquarius) o Late in period  New ideas about women were brought back by crusaders  Women seen as helpless and need to be rescued from sin  Islam (About 500 AD) o Drew from Jewish and Chris. Root and added Arab tribal beliefs o 8 and 12 centuries most adv.  Modesty in public with women  Sex restricted to marital status only  Males however if wealth allowed could buy multiple wives and that would be ok- women could not though  Renaissance (Beginning – 1300 AD) o Began in Italy o Focused on human beings place in world o New views on sensuality and women’s roles -praised  Backlash later in period –became fearful of female sensuality instead o praised  Reformation o Western Europe o Martin Luther  Found. Protestantism  Marital love/ blessed  Sex. Natural function  Believed in submission within marriage o John Calvin  Man and women equal in marriage in all things  Socially and sexually  Enlightenment o Sexual pleasure considered natural and desirable  Victorian era o 1837-1901 o Publicly; sex. Attitudes more conservative o Privately; not as conservative- pornography, adultery, and prostitution  The Colonies (Beginning about 1600) o Puritans- sever sanction for any sexual transgression- death penalty o Entire comm. Must uphold immorality  Early US (1700s-1800s) o Sex attitudes became more liberal late 1700s o Slaves couldn’t get married  Strong sense of morality w/in slave comm. o Settlers used sexuality of minorities as an excuse to disdain or oppress them  Native Americans  Mexicans  19 century o Free Love Movement  Saw marriage as the sexual slavery of women o Mormons  Practiced polygamy o Medical Model of Sexuality  Sexual health o Comstock Act of 1873  Prohibited the mailing of obscene, lewd, and indecent writing advertisements (struck out in 1965)  20 Century o Social hygiene Movement  Virtuous women catching STD’s from husbands  Blood tests before marriage  Police actions against prostitutes o Sexology  Alfred Kinsey  Sex more important than originally thought  Masters & Johnson  Studied the physiology of sexual response o Sexual Revolution  Flappers era 20’s  San Francisco 60’s o Feminism  Women’s suffrage movement  Birth control  Entitled to sexual satisfaction  Existing relations of the sexes were exploitive o Gay liberation  WWII hostile environment to homosexuals  Stonewall riot  1969 NY. Greenwich Village o Queer Theory  90’s  Recognition of homosexuality  Arguing that all minorities should have same rights as everyone else o ^ Plastic Surgery  Unnatural images of “beauty”  Photoshop images in mass media o Internet porno  Free, available o Sex industry  China is world’s largest exporter of sex toys and novelties (1000 factories)
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