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Mate Preference

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ANT 2301
Geoffrey Thomas

ANT NOTES 10-03  MATE PREFERENCES o W/ concealed ovulation  Decrease in sex. Dimorphism  Decreased direct male- male comp.  Increases reliance on male provisioning  Increase in pair bonding (long term) o Expectations  Due to inequalities in investment  Infer that females and males evolved preferences that enabled them to assess traits that indicate fitness levels  Increase reproductive success  Traits correlated w/ high mate value  Evolutionary vs social psychology explanations  BIOLOGICAL TRAITS o Personality based on perceived facial features  Facial preferences  Penton- Voak- found that females preferred masculine looking faces at ovulation but less masculine faces when non-fertile o Those on birth control show no preference  No overall preference for symmetry  Length of relationship o Shorter the relationship w/ high risk – more masculine preferred (good genes) o Longer relationship – less masculine face (caring/sharing)  Jones- changes in preferences reflects changes in progesterone and not a change in estrogen o Preferential changes in preferred odor  MHC- major histocompatibility complex  Genes make the molecules that enable the immune system to recognize invaders  Claus Wedekind experiment:  Group of females smelled t-shirts worn by males  Women preferred odors of men w/ dissimilar MHC’s to their own o Preferences not there is were on birth control  Male preferences o The age factor  Male vs female preferences  In chimps- males prefer older females due to high survivorship of offspring  Buss: found females prefer someone around 4 years older than them  Kenrick and Keefe: females consistently married males who were 5 years older than themselves  Males prefer younger females; females prefer older males  Evolutionary explanation- The younger the female the more fertile and can produce more offspring, the older the man the more stability, status or resources  Teenagers o Males would prefer slightly older females o Females still prefer older males-making it unsuccessful  Preference changes @ different relationship levels o Women prefer partners around their own age- regardless of the relationship involvement o Males preferred mates at the peak of reproductive capability for short term relationships  Long term relationships- mates above the age of maximum fertility o Olfactory genetics  Body odor serves as a cue for health  Ovulating/non pill users consistently preferred the scent of symmetrical men  Pill-users and females not ovulating there was no relationship  Hertz and Inzlich
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