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Sex and Science

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ANT 2301
Geoffrey Thomas

ANT NOTES 12-3  Human sexuality o Time magazine/CNN survey  74% of teens said friends or TV  10% parent provided more info  Societal issues o Lack of education about contraception/abstinence  Teen pregnancy  HIV prevalence  STD outbreaks o 3 out of 5 teens in US say they don’t have enough info about birth control  Behaviors and attitudes o Kissing?  Western cultures primarily  Not shared by Japanese, Hindus  Foreplay is also unheard of in some cultures o Permissive cultures-> mangaians  Teenage boys and girls are instructed in how to please their partner  Encouraged to have many partners-> at adulthood become monogamous  Extremes on the continuum o Repressed cultures-> Inis Baeg  Children never told about menstruation or pregnancy  No nudity, not even with own spouse or when parents care for children  Men believe sex is dangerous to their health so its done as quickly as possible- only for procreation  Sex as a science o Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)  Psychosexual stages  Libido- “sexual energy” is channeled to different body parts at different ages  Oral stage (breast feeding), anal stage (potty training), phallic stage (Oedipus ad Electra complex), latency stage (puberty- developing desires), genital stage (actual sex)  Doesn’t work today but still acknowledged o Henry Havelock Ellis  Diagnosed spermatorrhea  Case histories and cross cultural accounts he published 7 volumes titled “studies in the psychology of sex”  Ellis though masturbation and homosexuality was normal o Alfred Kinsey  Feared death by masturbation as a youngster  Began collecting data on sexual behavior  Many shocked by findings that many had a homosexual experience, women were multi-orgasmic, and many couples engaged in oral-genital sex  Institute for sex research at Indiana university o Masters & Johnson  Began to observe and record physiological data on humans having sex in a lab setting  Human Sexual Response - 1966  Allowed the development of techniques to treat sexual problems and sexual therapy o National Health and social life Survey  Govt. initiated project at $15 million and include 20,000 Americans  Jesse Helms introduced an amendment that removed the possibility of funding  Funded through private foundations -> In 1992- 3,432 adults in US  Sexology o The study of sexuality o Challenges:  People often uncomfortable discussing sex  People might lie, exaggerate, or withhold info  Very judgmental of sexual behaviors or attitudes o General goal: to scientifically test our assumption about sexuality o Scientific methodology  Survey and samples  Surveys- measures attitudes, opinions, and behaviors  Population- people about whom a scientist wants to draw conclusions  Sample- the subset of the population available to whom the survey will be administered  Advances in technology o Contraception: sex w/out procreation o Human reproductive treatments: procreation w/out sex  Types of HRTs  Artificial insemination by husband  Artificial insemination by donor  In vitro fertilization
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