RMI-2302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Income Statement

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Definition of Risk Management
-Don’t risk more than you can lose
-Don’t risk a lot for a little
-Consider the odds
The Risk Management Process
1. Determination of objectives
2. Identification of risks
3. Evaluation of risks
4. Consideration of alternatives - selection of the tool
5. Implementing the decision
6. Evaluation and review
Step 6: Evaluation and Review
-In theory, the evaluation and review are the final step in the risk management process
-Except in the rare case where an organization is newly created, every organization will have
a risk management program already in existence.
-Reevaluate program’s objectives
-Repeat identification process to assure that it was performed correctly
-Evaluate the risks that have been identified
-Verify that the decision on how to address each risk was proper
-Verify that the decision was properly executed.
Post-Loss Objectives Pre-Loss Objectives
Survival Economy
Continuity of Reduction in Anxiety
Earnings Stability Meeting Externally Imposed Obligations
Continued Growth Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Step 2: Identification of Risk
-There are a variety of tools available to assist in risk identification including questionnaires,
checklists, and procedure guides
-The preferred approach to risk identification is a “combination approach, in which all of the
tools available are brought to bear on the problem.
-Just as one picture is worth a thousand words, one inspection tour may be worth a thousand
-An examination of the various operation sites of the firm and discussions with managers and
workers will often bring attention to risks that might otherwise have been undetected.
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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