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Florida State University
CLT 3370
Timothy Stover

The Great Flood and the 12 Olympians, Part 1 1. The Great Flood a. Ovid‟s Metamorphoses i. Human wickedness in Age of Iron ii. Rumors reach Olympus iii. Zeus and Lycaon 1. Metamorphosis of Lycaon a. Turned into a wolf and messes with mankind iv. Flood as punishment; cleanses the earth 1. “We‟re starting over” 2. Cf. story of Noah and the ark v. Rebirth of mortals 1. Deucalion and Pyrrha a. Only two survivors b. Throw rocks over shoulder to restore mankind 2. The 12 Olympians a. Aphrodite / Venus i. Born of Uranus‟ genitals b. Cronus + Rhea i. Zeus / Jupiter ii. Poseidon / Neptune iii. Hera / Juno iv. Demeter / Ceres v. Hestia and Hades aren‟t technically Olympians c. Other Olympians are sons/daughters of Zeus by various mothers i. Zeus + Hera = Ares / Mars and Hephaestus / Vulcan ii. Zeus + Metis = Athena / Minerva iii. Zeus + Maia = Hermes / Mercury iv. Zeus + Leto = Apollo and Artemis / Diana v. Zeus + Semele = Dionysus (Bacchus) d. Zeus earns nickname „father of gods and men‟ e. Hestia / Vesta i. Goddess of the hearth fire 1. Root of the word „esta‟ is VAS- „to burn‟; cognate with „hestia‟, the Greek word for „hearth‟ a. Same root as in Vesuvius, and through German („ost‟) as in our word „east‟
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