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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

CLT3378 ANCIENT MYTHOLOGY 1/9/13  Mythos- speech  Myth: Stories that are passed down traditionally that share traditions  Don’t have a single identifiable author (hard to pin down no single indiv.) in a way owned by the culture itself  Etiology: the cause or set of causes (explains something)  Myths arise so culture’s can identify them with a group identity  Common that there is a common language where myths can also be shared between cultures and are stolen from each other  Myths contains monsters, creatures, often seem over-the-top stories that most people don’t see. Extraordinary beings, people, stories, gods.  What counts as a myth? o Traditional stories with George Washington and the cherry tree  Similar to myth but different: o Myth vs. History:  History- Concerned with realism, strives for objectivity (prove with empirical evidence)  Myths- Don’t need objectivity because they appeal to a specific culture that believes in it (simply a narrative passed down through generations) o Myth vs. Fiction (produced in a different way)  Fiction- Not trying to tell a real account, for enjoyment, but not believing in it it’s simply characters not suppose to tell of actual people (example Harry potter) One given individual, author, made this fiction book.  Myths- many people believe them in different ways, a given version of a myth you may be able to pin an author but usually don’t have one author simply translated and passed down over generations o Myth vs. Religion  Myth- Some myths are religious myths which explain origin of a pr
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