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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

Greek Myth (1/14/13)  Etiology: set of causes; origins  Succession: following one after another  Justice: being fair or reasonable  Roman myth: myths that have to do with Rome itself  Hesiod: o 8 -7 century BCE o author of Theogony o Mt.Helicon- Old greek tradition that Gods live on this mountain specifically the Muses live here o Claims to be a shepherd and visited by the Muses o Muses- female (9) Gods/Goddesses that inspire others o “Truth” given by the Gods o The muses come from the daughters of Zeus and Memory (Coliathe- the music and gives powers to be great leaders of man) o Anthropomorphism: Having a human form  When that god has human shape, personality, behavior, etc. o Memory (has kids) o Earth (she carries many children and many gils) o Night/Day characters o Chaos o Theogony: Coming to be a God  THEOGONY o The story of where the gods come from, specifically Zeus (protagonist), most excellent of the gods o Hesiod’s attitude towards the gods: very deeply respectful of the gods o Chaos first being= Abyss of some kind (empty space) o Earth is second being o Eros (love) which is the third being (sexual/desire) o Earth desire to create heaven in order to be her future husband (heaven covers her/sexual innuendo) o Earth & Heaven:  Children:  The Titans (chromos, Rhea)  Cyclopes  Hundred arms o Heaven (father) is jealous of his sons that are manlier than him. He traps his children in their mother so they wouldn’t come out. o Succession=> How Zeus becomes to be the king of everything o Kingship never off
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