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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

CLT3378 Ancient Mythology (1/16/13)  Hesiod (I.3,I.4, I.6) o Prometheus responsible for the human existence because he stole fire from Zeus by tricking him with meat.  Sacrifice: An offering (generally a slaughter of an animal) and it is to be eaten shared between the humans and the “gods” o Portions- Gods get the bones, organs, etc. and the humans usually get the meat part.  Prometheus : One of the children in the Titans ; takes the side of humanity because he sees the potential. o Tricks Zeus by putting meat on a plate and then puts bones with a lot of fat and lets Zeus choose who chooses the fat that really only has bones in it. Since then the mortals get the meat and the Gods choose Bones and fat.  Prometheus punishment: His liver is given to the eagle; his liver regenerates because he is a god. (Zeus’s eagle the bird eats his liver everyday)  Zeus limits the earth by taking fire away from the humans. Prometheus steals it back and gives humanity fire.  Pandora is other punishment (first female)  Myth explains how life started now  Atlas: Prometheus’s brother o Atlas was on the side of Cronos (the titans) o Atlas has to hold up the sky (dome) as his punishment  Prometheus sided with Zeus o His punishment is that his liver is eaten daily by the eagle o Tied up o Hercules eventually sets him free  Hercules is Zeus’s son  Athena and Ephesus create Pandora (first woman) both craft gods o Athena clothes her o Ephesus creates things o Aphrodite gives her attractiveness  When they make Pandora: o She is tempting/alluring/attractive o All gods gave her a tid-bit o Pandora = Pan (pantos meaning everything) + -dora (means gifts) = all of the gifts everybody gives the gift o Made to be “evil” or “curse” upon mankind; Zeus giving a consequence to mankind for having fire that was stolen from him. o Origin of women/woman-kind because they are used to keep men down to punish them. o Woman curse upon men  1 explanation: (theogony version) The need for children is part of the curse- if you don’t marry and take a wife. Then you die childless and you don’t have heirs or a legacy etc. If you do marry, then you acquire a burden (damned if you do, damned if you don’t) Have to work harder for her to eat  2nd Explanation: (Hesiod) In works and days, the state of humanity and why we have to work. The jar c
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