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Victoria Peralta-Rapale CLT3378 Ancient Myth Notes (1/28/13) Hymn to Demeter  Doso=Demeter=Deo (meter=means mother) o Single characters referred to as many different names  Hecate: friendly character on Demeter’s side  Helios: Sun God (descendent of titans) Demeter and Hecate go to see Helios to see who kidnapped Persephone because he sees all that’s beneath heaven. o His response: “Good thing” Hades is a good husband king of the underworld (one of the greatest)  Demeter misses her daughter so she doesn’t care if he is a good husband or not she just wants her daughter back.  They don’t see the death of humanity as a good thing because they won’t have anyone to pray to them and make them feel like gods/goddesses so they compromise with Demeter (humanity dying due to famine)  Persephone eats the pomegranate seeds from Hades (Once you take something from the underworld or eaten then you always are a part of the underworld for part of the year).  Assumption that the underworld is dark pit under the earth  1/3 of the year with Hades and 2/3 of the year with her mother  Demeter: Fertility of the earth  Celeus: Queen who take in Demeter  Metaneira: King  Their son is Demophoon  Eleusis: Temple of where Themis learn the secrets and become initiated (cult)  Religious, etiological, and agricultural level The Iliad: Homer Greeks Trojans Agamemnon Priam Menelaus Paris/Alexander Achilles Hector Odysseus Sarpedom Ajax Diomedes Nestor Patroclus  Troy – in modern Turkey across from the Aegean Sea  War being fought over Helen  Paris/Alexander steals Menelaus wife (Helen); He believes that Aphrodite gave him the most beautiful woman which is Menelaus’s wife (Helen)  The war has been going on for about 9 years (The iliad last year of Trojan war)  Trojan war lasted 10 years  Achilles (main character) **:  Agamemnon & Menelaus are brothers  Agamemnon is leading the war (the elder brother) King of the Greeks; larger ruler  Achilles- King of Acheas (with best fighters) small troop  Machismo competition (respect)  Odysseus (The Odyssey): Second string player because of Achilles show  Ajax: Best fighter except for Achilles  Nestor: Old wise fellow that more people should listen to  Diomedes: Great warrior (younger)  Patroclus: Great warrior (Achilles “bff”) kills all of the Trojans and then gets killed which brings Achilles back into the war.  Priam: Doesn’t fight too old  Sarpedom: Dies at war  Hector: counterpart of Achilles he is the greatest warrior for the Trojans but no where near in strength by Achilles  Homer is on the side of the Greeks  Phoenix: (purple) Sent to Achilles to argue that he should save the Greeks.  GREEK SIDE: o Hera is on the Greeks side she loves Agamemnon (fa
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