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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

Victoria Peralta-Rapale 1/30/13 CLT3378 Notes  Homer: The Iliad [Books 19,22,24](continued…) o Achille’s motivation for rejoining the war besides the fact that his best friend Patroclus dies. Possibly the desire for glory/revenge for his friend’s death. (Vengeance) o Highly agonistic (meaning a competitive culture) o Author: Robert F. from the Iliad o Essay be sure to cite author o Picture 1: Chryseis grabbing Agamemnon’s chin or begging… in picture with ceramic pottery o Picture 2: Sarpedon with Sleep on the left and Death on the Right  Gods with wings  Sleep & Death = twins close brothers  Taking Sarpedon’s body away because Zeus ordered him to because Zeus cares for his son and is interested to be able to be unharmed after death. o Picture 3: Hector on the ground with Achilles killing him at Troy by Rubens o Picture 4: Tomb of Achilles depicts the image of where Achilles is dragging Hector’s body on the back of the chariot. o Reconciliation of Agamemnon and Achilles: The make up and Agamemnon promises him all of the treasures and hands them over including Briseis. o Briseis weeps over Patroclus’s body o Climax: Achilles slaying Hector o Achilles knows he won’t live much longer even his horse tells him he is going to die. o Hector was tricked by Athena by pretending to be Deiphobus who is on his
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