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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

Ancient Myth (CLT3378) 2/4/13  The Odyssey: o Minute question: Achilles regretting his decision to go back to war and meet his fate in battle (death) o 24 Books o Viewed as the same author as Homer from (The Iliad) o The Odyssey is about the main character Odysseus (a journey back home after Trojan War) o Odysseus gets what Achilles, Agamemnon, and Ajax wanted a homecoming o Takes Odysseus 10 more years after the 10 year Trojan War o Odyssey takes place near the end of his journey o Hospitality is a main theme throughout the Odyssey o Odysseus has a god that doesn’t want him to get home (Poseidon doesn’t want him home) o Circe: she turns Odysseus’s men into swine and become allies with Odysseus. She also really is attracted to Odysseus. (friend) o Circe says to talk to Tyressius (blind old man who has the gift of prophecy) However, he is dead. Circe tells him what he needs to do (a sacrifice) in order to be able to talk to Tyressius. o He has to go to the “edge of the world” to do the sacrifices or ritual to speak to the dead o He has to kill a black colored sheep and fill a trench with their blood and promise them things in order to get home. o The ghosts state of mind don’t remember much of their past or who they are but once they drink the blood they remember. o Why do ghosts want to drink blood? An omen for life (blood) At first it was strictly for Tyressius… Odysseus meets various people down there in the cave. o He keeps the ghosts away from the blood with his sword o Tries to hug his mom three times but he can’t (Anticlea) o Tyressius tells him that he can get home; Poseidon is against him; He tells him what not to do. When he gets to the island of cows if he kills any of the cattle of the Sun that he will have lots of trouble getting back home o He will find suitors and be ready to kill them when he gets home (1 resolution) Another problem, he is going to take an ore home and no one knows what it is. o Odysseus blinds the Cyclops and are freed; Poseido
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