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Kevin Oliver

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CLT3378 Ancient Myth Notes (2.18.13) o Epic of Gilgamesh:  Gilgamesh & Enkidu (loyal) just like Achilles & Patroclus  Thematically similar to the Iliad:  Loyalty  Loss of a dear friend (grieve)  Gods intervened in the deaths of their friends  Bull of Heaven: the creature killed by Gilgamesh and Enkidu that was sent from the Gods. (divine)  Uruk (City where Gilgamesh was king of) Sumerian heroe  During Bronze Age  Uruk surrounded by walls (Ring composition); Gilgamesh left a sign of his greatness that when he dies he left. o Protects the city o Sign of his power o Symbolic gesture  In the beginning of the epic, he did what he wanted and raped women didn’t care and tried to rape a woman in her bridal chamber before her wedding when Enkidu stops him. Imposes on men’s wives.  Aruru: Goddess that they pray to and she creates Enkidu  Enkidu: Match to Gilgamesh to be just as strong as him & brave  Gilgamesh & Enkidu wrestle each other and then become friends after.  Enkidu: animal-like character;  Hunter tells Gilgamesh of Enkidu; they make him “domesticated” by hiring a prostitution to attract him and lie together for 6 days and 6 nights and make love which turns the animals away from him to now be with the humans.  Picture of Enkidu & Gilgamesh with the Bull of Heaven (Enkidu with the ax) and Gilgamesh has headdress.  Threatens to raise the dead (Tablet 6) Comes to Gilgamesh because she wanted him (ISHTAR) She is a goddess; Daughter of Anu; Anu is King of Heaven in this myth  Gilgamesh makes her unhappy; all about desire and wants Gilgamesh; he slayed Hambaba (guardian of the enchanted forest) with Enkidu.  Gilgamesh turns down Ishtar when she wants to be his lover; His
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