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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

CLT3378 (2/25/13)  Eqyptian Myths: o Syncretism: Various cultures get together, talk to each other, and blend with each other’s cultures (collision or mixture) o Memphis: location of Egyptian myths o Atum (sun god) in the memphite theology o Ptah: Original creator of all things including Atum  First being o Doesn’t describe how Ptah became the first being o Doesn’t describe creating any humans but creates districts of Egypt o Ptah think with his heart and says it with his tongue and it appears o Creation via dismemberment, rocks, clay, etc. o Speaking things into existence is fairly new idea: seems like he just says it and it comes into existence without needing anything else…. It doesn’t say if it creates something out of nothing or out of something o Ptah is said to be what underlies these 9 gods, that is the equivalent of the teeths and lips of Ptah that he says for other gods. Atum created the world by masturbating and the semen created the world. o Written by priests most likely Flood Myth:  Reverse flood myth  The flood saves mankind from destruction because Sekmet gets drunk which saves people  Re (king is hawk face) with the sun on his head and a cobra  Hawthor is the eye of Re a goddess who can also
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