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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

Victoria Peralta-Rapale 2/27/13 CLT3378: The Baal Cycle  Canaanite Myth (Baal Cycle) o In what ways is Baal similar to both Zeus and Marduk?  All three have to claim power by overthrowing the previous king; They all deal with succession; Given weapons to overthrow (thunderbolt with Zeus and magic cloves for Baal) Drinks the sea; God’s can be killed in Baac Cycle and comes back to life (Baal & Death)  Ba’al isn’t a name but a title meaning lord  Ba’al : Haddad : King of the Gods & Fertility & Storm divinity  Zeus King of rain that fertilizes the earth  Each slays an enemy and bring an order from chaos all three have in common besides all being kings o Astarte:  In Isis & Osiris: Queen of Byblos  In Baal Cycle: She is a Cananaaite goddess and sister of Baal o Anat:  Sister of Astarte and Baal; Goddess; Burning down villages and kills people and furniture; apparently a virgin War Goddess (like Athena)  Destroys Death by o El = Dagon  Might be the same character  El means god o Baal = Haddad o Sea = Judge River = sea serpent/dragon o Kother-wa-Hasis: o Lives in Egypt south where Baal lives when Baal goes to seek him out o Craftsmen god o Gives him weapons to defeat the sea; drinks the sea o Sea comes demanding Baal and his birth rights; El gives him Baal (the sea’s father is El) o Once Baal destroys the sea (the problem) everyone gets along great o Horns: Gods depicted as horns; represent power; masculinity o THREE ARCS OF THE STORY: o Sea coming and claiming Baal and his birthright; Baal gets out of this by killing the sea. Defeating monster becoming king o Building the Palace  Purpose: Deserves
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