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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

3/4/2013 3:23:00 PM CLT3378 Ancient Myth 3/4/13 Judaic Myth: Judaic- comes from the Kingdom of Judah Book of Genesis: Between 3-4 different authors 2 documents being put together to keep as much as possible 2 versions of the flood myth and creation Authors: J refers to Yahweh (older than P); has a sacrifice at the end P the priestly author P’s version doesn’t have a sacrifice after (IV.4) Yahweh fighting a sea-monster 2 Creation myths in Genesis: Creation Myth 1: (7 Days Creation)  It was similar to Ptaah speaking creation  Let there be … and it appeared  To begin with: Water & Darkness st  1 thing: Light (considered to be good)  When light is made then a cycle is created and time is measured (7 days) nd  2 thing: Fermament (sky dome) air is separated from water (blue in the sky above and water below) rd  3 thing: Earth (dry land) th  4 thing: Heaven  5 thing: Vegetation (trees and plants)  The stages of creation: Based on simple to complicated or order of necessity  2 days have passed now on the 3 day rd  On the 3 day, we get the sun and the stars and the moon  On the 4 day, creatures/animals  Birds, fish, and creatures th  On the 6 day, created man (male and female) on his own image looking like the gods/goddesses together and told to be fruitful and populate the earth, etc.  Humans created at the very ending (crowning achievement and male and female together at the end) th  7 day is the day of rest at the end; appeal to traditions for religions (Sunday) Ritual behavior;  Cultural/religious like myth Creation Myth 2  Similar to the Works and Days (5 Races of man)  Explaining why humans toil and man made a mistake in the past and we have to live up to it; things used to be better than they are now  More manual  Author is J (he does things differently; older text)  He calls God by his name Yahweh; Name that is later called in taboo  Yahweh is concrete, walks around the earth and makes things out of clay with his hands, he talks to people directly and asks them things. Similar to Homers view of the gods.  Order of Creations (different) and ALL created in ONE day o Men, beasts, vegetation and woman is created at the very end o Man is created from the dirt and clay of the earth “from dust you shall form and from dust you shall return” it’s an etymology o When woman is created, she is made from a part of the man (his rib) because they are of one flesh  Snake and trees and if you eat the fruit it will give you knowledge (both good and evil)  People told to not eat the fruit and if you do you will die  The serpent (subtle) he is sneaky/clever/cunning and tells them that it is not true; they could communicate with each other  The woman eats it and shares it with man; they didn’t realize that they were naked until they ate the fruit and started to care. By eating the fruit they become different than the animals. The Garden of Eden was denied to them (everything provided for free nothing to work for was taken from the
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