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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

Ancient Myth (CLT3378) 3/20/13  III.4 The Buddha-Karita (life of the Buddha) o Daily question: How is the book of Luke reminiscent of Life of Buddha myths?  The temptation scene is seen in both the Book of Luke and Life of Buddha  World saviors  Theme of kingship  Jesus born to a unwed mother (conceives child w/ sex) o Buddha’s mother (MAYA) is pregnant and then a deity is in the womb called Bodhisattva or the white elephant with 6 tusks in the womb. o This child is “special” (miracles to show their destiny with birth o No pain or discomfort for Maya (Buddha born from his mother’s side)  Comes out talking when born and says he will be the savior and claims what he will do o Similar to Indra:  The king of heaven  No one has ever been born from the side of their mother  Keep from falling out through a bad place (vagina) o After child was born, everything is perfect around him (more miracles for the child and water bathing him from the heavens etc) o Characters that attend the birth: indra, many gods present and interested in the child o Asita: Ascetic (a hermit/fasting/meditate/etc) who foresses that Buddha will do and recognizes that he has “marks” of a great man/savior like web feet/hands, wheels on his feet, a dot on forehead o Asita weeps/distressed because he is going to die soon of old age and won’t be able to
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