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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

Victoria Peralta-Rapale 4/1/13 Ancient Myth  THEME UNIT 1: Roman/Greece  THEME UNIT 2: East/West India  THEME UNIT 3: Later material (other parts of the world) Myths as told by cultures that is not from original myth place  The Iliad compared to Beowulf? (daily question) o Both are said to be great warrior Kings (Achilles & Beowulf) o Beowulf becomes the next king after Helac o No humility (boastful) o Bravery/Courage from both even though they know death is possible for glory and by right of their people o Death/Immortality (remembered for deeds by statues and acts)  1 song about Sigamund (dragon slayer)  1 song of Higaldu (peace between two and then fight started over and everyone died)  Both songs foreshadow with Beowulf and the dragon later  The king who was killed by his own people (bad king) basically says that don’t be a bad king they will kill you (Sigmund) and wont be remembered.  Grendel is troll-like that Beowulf fights without weapons  Beowulf takes place in Scandinavia  Heorot: In Denmark (one of the islands)  Beowulf is from Geatland or near modern-day Sweden  Grendel attacks them because he doesn’t like the noise they are making and specifically the singing (singing the hymns
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