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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

4/3/13 CLT3378 Ancient Myth  How does the Norse creation of myth in the prose Edda similar to another myth we have covered in this course. o Creation of man and woman by the gods o Creation through dismemberment  Prose Edda: o Everything came from the grandfather o Man and woman created from trees (from the 5 races of man by Hesiod) The bronze race o Osk and Enloch are type of trees (ash and elm tree) o Man (ash) and woman (elmla) o Chaos in greek appears to be like yawning o First thing was a big pit (yawning) o On either side of the open space is fire and ice o Creation happens from the compliments of fire & ice (that’s how imir and his cow are made) o The cow likes the ice and creation starts o Flood myth ( a flood of blood ) when the big ur giant is slain; survivors of the flood that are on the boat a frost giant survives the flood o Enir is the first anthropomorphic creature o Inserting Christian elements in the story o Snorri: Author o A collection of prose and explanations of Nordic myth and want to pass down these myths to keep them o Kept poetic tradition alive o Framing Story: Some guy goes to find asgard and is in a castle and tries to find out who the king is so he bring him to 3 guys and asks questions to find out and hides his name. o Gylfiz is Gangleri in disguise (same guy)  Part 1: Pg 193 diluting of beauty o Tries to find Essir o In search of these people because they have powerful magic. o Lies of a bunch of sorcerer’s o Snorri secondary source (Christian) o Asks various questions o Snorri knows the poetry very well but does a few strange things:  Asgar is the home of the Aesir (gods) that live in one place and according to Snorri it’s at Troy…  Trying to be clever and say that all of Nordic gods come from Troy  Asa is the thor of the people; A
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