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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

CLT3378 Notes 4/10/13 Daily Question: What do Hymn to Demeter and Mwindo have in common?  Both suggest no eating or drinking in the underworld  Both suggest that the underworld is under ground Mwindo Epic  Oral passed down story passed down from the Nyanga  Mwindo’s birth – he is born from the middle finger of his mother’s right hand (weird birth like Buddha and Indra from their mother’s side)  Congaceptor (something the culture will only know) stick with cowtail  It revives the dead or nearly dead (heals)  Mwindo: means first born son  Mwindo’s father just wanted daughters (7 wives) and one has a boy Mwindo…  He doesn’t want to lose his power to his son  Tries to kill his son: o Spears to the hut o Bury him alive o Put in a drum and throw in the river  Kasiyenge – aunt’s body guard also tries to kill him because he thinks something is wrong with him or is trouble  Iyangura (Mwindo’s aunt)  Unkuba: (the lightning god) tries to throw lightening at Mwindu and M
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