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CLT3378 – Ancient Myth 4.15.13.docx

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Florida State University
CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

CLT3378 – Ancient Myth 4/15/13  Daily Question: Briefly relate a specific element from one of today’s readings to a Greco-Roman myth that we have studied. o Mayan Myth:  Have a flood and save some of the people  Deucalion & Pyrrha (Ovid) throwing stones  Vira Cocha floods the world and gets immortal companions to get the people out of the stones  Flooded earth because they broke a rule that was put on them so they had to be eliminated ( we don’t know the rule )  Made giants first then eliminated them and made humans smaller  Lack of succession because there is only one creator (monotheistic) for the Inca  Unsuccessful succession  VIRA COCHA (COSMOTOLOGY MYTH) o Sarmiento de Gam boa Writes; it to make fun of the inca and make them seem like savages; made it to look like propaganda o Framing relationship of Spanish and the natives and makes the Spanish look like superior culture that civilizes this Inca culture. o Similar to Pro zeta o Vira Cocha: The creator and sea foam (similar to Aphrodite in Hesiod) o Aphrodite born from sea foam o Vira Cocha is called sea foam because he walks over the water (after all of this happens we know this name but we don’t know name before)  THE MAYAN CREATION MYTH o Neutral view of the myths and just records them (more reliable/accurate) o The Quiche in Guatemala (group of maya)
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