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CLT 3378
Kevin Oliver

CLT3378 42213 VI9 The Maidu Creation pg 252 o In northern California o Beginning No sun no moon no stars o Everything was dark and only water was there o A raft was floating with Turle and Father of the Secret Society o Earth Initiate came from the sky from a sky rope of feathers o Earth Initiate tells Turtle how to make land or what he has to do for that creation o Turtle took 6 years under water trying to reach land to bring back a little under his nail and when it was put on the raft it grew the more times he looked at it o Turtle said he couldnt live in the dark all the time and asked how to make light Then EarthInitiate said he would ask his sister the sun to come up and then his brother followed after her the moon o The tree called Hukimtsa at TadoikoHad twelve different kinds of acorns growing from it o Coyote and his dog Rattlesnakecame up out of the groun later when Earthinitiate was travelling fast o Earthinitiate made brids from the ai
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