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What is a Myth?

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CLT 3378
Reema Habib

A myth is a story serving as a focus to a system of beliefs. How to Analyze a Myth: • Situate all myths within their relevant social, cultural, and temporal contexts. o When was it written? What is the history of the period? o For which audience was the myth written? o Where did it originate? o Social classes? Is it for everyone? o Moral lesson taught by myth? o Social behaviors? Differences Within Creation Myths: • Body type o Anthropomorphic (human) o Theriomorphic (animal) o Therianthropic (animal and human) • Social structure and government • Creation as Progress vs. Fall from Grace o Creation as Progress: gets better when you add to it. o Fall from Grace: everything was perfect but something bad happens. • Order vs. Chaos • The status of humans o Gender roles Heroes and Heroines: A Grammatical Tangent Hero -> Hero's Heroes -> Heroes' Heroine -> Heroine's Heroines -> Heroines' What defines a hero? Modern Vs. Ancient • Strong • Trick • Silent sters • Doesn't complain • Shor about tiring things t life spans • Rites of passage Heroines • Women in Antiquity o Female rites of passage (stay home and produce a hero) o Use of women in heroic stories: • Fo
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