CGS 2060 Lecture 9: CGS 9

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15 Feb 2017
Worksheet group
A collection of two or more SELECTED worksheets. function: to make edits, overall
input to all at the same time without having to go into each one individually.
3D reference
a reference to the same cell in all or some of the worksheets in a workbook.
Summary Worksheet
Uses 3D references to summarize data.
External reference
a reference to cells or ranges in a worksheet from another workbook.
destination file
also called dependent file, the workbook that receives data from another workbook.
Arrange all button
displays all of the open workbooks in a title configuration within the program window.
Switch windows button
lists each open workbook so you can change which workbook is active.
an excel file that saves information about all of the currently opened workbooks, such as
their locations, window sizes, zoom level, and other settings.
Source file
when two or more workbooks are linked, THIS is a workbook that contains data to be
used in the destination file.
connection between files that allow data to be transferred from one file to the other.
divides open workbooks evenly on the screen
divides open workbooks into horizontal bands
divides open workbooks into vertical bands
layers open workbooks on the screen
indicates the file to which the link points
identifies the type of each source file.
specifies the way values are updated from the source file.
"A" update
indicates the link is updates automatically when you open the workbook or when both
the source and destination
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