CGS-2060 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Sequential Access, Front-Side Bus, Digital Video Recorder

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Published on 28 Feb 2017
Computers are used for...
information, computation, automation,
communication, entertainment
things that can be represented by
"digital" things
Can be stored on a digital device
numbers, sounds, characters, images,
movies, etc.
referred to by the type of computing
they perform (digital music player,
digital video recorder, digital camera,
motion detector, blood pressure
monitor, etc.)
Special purpose computers
a telecommunications network that
connects two or more computers for the
purpose of sharing data, hardware, and
Computer network
a popular wireless networking standard
Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)
a popular technology that allows phones
to use internet connections
VOIP (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol)
Human brain speed
estimated at 100 trillion operations per
Data is stored as...
bits (binary)
uses only two values, 0 and 1, and is
used by computers and digital devices
to represent and process data
Binary number system
contains the circuitry (circuit
Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
find more resources at
find more resources at
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