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What Is A Short Story?/ The "Priest" They Called Him

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Florida State University
LIT 2020
Geoffrey Thomas

Short Story: • Brief work of prose fiction • Differs from anecdote—the unelaborated narration of a single incident • Like a novel, a short story organizes the action, thought, and dialogue of its characters into the artful pattern of plot, directed toward particular effects on an audience. • Plot form may be comic, tragic, romantic, or satiric • The story presented to us from one of many available points of view; it may be written in mode of fantasy, realism or naturalism. • Narrative: a story, whether told in prose or verse, involving events, characters, and what the characters say and do. Many literary forms are told by narrator. • POV: way story gets told. Established by an author by means of which the reader is presented with the characters, dialogue, actions, setting, and events which constitute the narrative in a work of fiction. • Third person narrative: told by someone outside the story. May be omniscient (all knowing), limited, intrusive (both reports and evaluates the action), or unintrusive (objective speaker that only delineates action). • First person: limits the matter of the narrative to what the first person narrator knows, experiences, infers, or discovers. • Second person • EdgarAllen Poe: o father of short story; made it popular inAmerican culture. o Suggests that short story should be read in one sitting (30 mins to two hours) o Strive for unity of effect.Aim was to create a mood, an ambience, or an effect. o Begin with first sentence o Have nothing in it that detracts from the design. Should lead directly and inevitably to conclusion without excess. Get to the point and stay there. o Aim for truth o Stress imagination, invention, creation and originality • Five components that construct short story o Character  Persons represented in a narrative work  Flat character: built around a single idea or quality and is presented without much detail (background nerds in Saved by the Bell)  Round character: complex in temperament and motivation is represented with subtle particularity; such a character is as difficult to describe with adequacy as a person in real life (Walter White in Breaking Bad) o Setting o Conflict  Struggle between two people or things in a short story. Main
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