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AMH 2097
Jonathan Sheppard

1. Inter-state Slave Trade a. North - gradual emancipation i. Quakers – “all men are created equal”, causes questioning ii. Immigrants take place of slaves b. South - slavery solidifies i. Cotton gin – 1793 1. Eli Whitney a. Graduated Ivy League b. Hired by plantation owner to teach children c. Created cotton gin in under a week 2. “Gin” – engine 3. 1790 – 4000 bales of cotton 4. 1860 – 5 million bales of cotton 5. Shipped to London ii. Trans-Atlantic slave trade to US ends in 1808 1. Created “slave farms” a. Virginia, North Carolina sold slaves south iii. 25% of southern people owned slaves 1. Social status 2. 2.7% own 50+ slaves a. Rice and sugar plantations 2. Antebellum Slavery: 1800 - 1860 a. Absentee owners i. Preferred big cities ii. Plantations run by managers (financial) and overseers (work in fields) 1. Overseer was blamed for anything that went wrong b. Slave life i. Began work at age 10-12 ii. 4 lbs pork, 8 qts cornmeal, coffee 1. Slaves raised chickens, fished, kept vegetable gardens and fruit trees iii. Disease contributed to 30 deaths out of 1000 iv. Lived in 16 x 18 feet wooden shanties v. Four suits of cheap clothes per year vi. Marriage 1. Couldn’t sign marriage license due to being property 2. “Jumped the broomstick” 3. Cheating / abuse was punished by entire slave community 4. Biggest decision was having children a. Average 7 per family vii. Religion 1. Slave owners would take slaves to “white” church a. All about obedience i. Slave heaven/hell 2. “Sundown to sun up” a. Invisible church i. When they got to heaven, they would be free from bondage ii. Taught patience iii. Infused Christianity with African tradition in some cases
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