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AMH 2097
Jonathan Sheppard

The Chinese 1. Origins a. First Wave Immigrants i. 1849-1880 1. 300,000 came to USA during that time ii. West coast migrants iii. 400 million people in China during this time iv. Most are from Guandong Province (95%-96%) 1. Very familiar with Europeans and Whites a. Had contact since the 1600s 2. Most Chinese in this region are poor farmers 3. Population density in 1840-1850: 1000 people per square mile a. Not a lot of land for farming i. Even during its best years, Guandong had to import rice 2. Push Factors a. Crop failure i. Not enough land ii. Primitive agricultural practices iii. Inevitable river flooding destroyed crops every few years b. Tsunamis i. Two major tsunamis during the 1850s 1. Unthinkable damage ii. Further hurt an already weakened economy 1. Also hit European traders in area iii. We don’t even know when exactly they hit because of poor record keeping c. Clan conflict i. Societal structure ii. Emperor 1. Supported and affiliated with certain clans 2. Taxed clans iii. Punti-Hakka Clan War – Taishan 1. 1855-1867 2. Killed each other on battlefield and left people to starve, get disease iv. Hundreds of thousands of people died d. Taiping Rebellion i. Taiping – “Great Heaven Kingdom” ii. Lead by Chinese Christians, and a man who was convinced that he was Jesus’s brother iii. Wanted equality and more freedoms in China iv. 1850-1864
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