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AMH 2097
Jonathan Sheppard

The First Americans 1. Beringia – The Land Bridge a. First Americans arrived in north America 20,000 years ago i. “Clovis Hunters” 1. Named so because of stone arrowheads found near New Mexico 2. Hunter/gatherers a. Main diet of meat, supplemented by berries b. Hunted animals once native to America to extinction (horses, camels) i. Used all parts of animal ii. Crossed 600 mile wide land bridge where the Bering Sea is today 1. “Beringia” iii. Many settled where New Mexico is today in lush grasslands b. Earth was much cooler so glaciers stretched all across Canada and down into modern day US i. World’s ocean levels dropped due to freeze 2. Agricultural Revolution a. Began in about 3000 BC around where Mexico City is today b. Allowed humans to form permanent villages c. Survived on beans, corn, and squash d. Did not reach “Midwest” until 200 AD 1. Anasazi was the first tribe to use agriculture in the US a. Lived near the “four corners” b. Built miles of irrigation systems c. Built cities into the side of mountains to take refuge from attacking tribes in search of their food d. Developed trade networks with other tribes from California to the Mississippi e. 1250 AD: a drought in New Mexico that lasted for years killed off many crops while sapping nutrients from soil i. Left cliff cities and moved into smaller town around present-day Arizona f. Tak
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