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Germans  Pennsylvania-Dutch o They got this nickname because the English couldn’t pronounce name  Germany wasn’t a country until 1871  Were known by the province they were from  Each had their own religions  Country of religion war o Catholic and protestant fought a lot o Catholic beat the protestant  14 century, black death, hurt Germany’s population  Began leaving Germany during 30 year war, 1618-1648 o 35% of Protestants were killed during 30 year war o Some fled to England and Holland  Were voluntary group to immigrate  45,000 initially came over, and 300,000 by 1776 in Pennsylvania  Religious Diversity Pros and Cons  They were very neat  German architecture  Had large and sturdy farm houses and barns  Built walls around their land  The English loved the German farms  Germans would flip houses  The WASPS liked the Germans because they settled away from the cities, and kept to themselves  German kept their roots, continued to speak German, and only used English if they needed to  Ben Franklin thought the Germans would take over the English Settlements  Germans came with money, so they didn’t need to stay in the cities  Germany brought many things to America: Pretzels, Hot dogs, beer, and Santa Clause  Germans are the largest Immigrant groups ever come to America  58 million people claim German ethnicity today (17% of our population) 19 Century Germans  Middle Class: o Proto-Factories in Germany o Political and Religious turmoil o Largest Number came from this class o Were called 48ers o After the revolutions, in 1848, the Germans wanted everyone to experience freedom. They became strictly against slavery o Were given jobs because they new Pennsylvania-Dutch were hard workers  Location o The Germans moved out West, was know as the German Triangle: St Louis, Cincinnati, Milwaukie  19 Century German-American Culture o Kirchendeutschen:  German Churches  Also used as social events, for people to get together  Parochial Schools  Taught German Heritage, and language o Vereinsdeatschen  Social halls  Pubs  Different clubs (sports clubs, book clubs, etc.) o Model Immigrants  Same race as the WASPS  Had Money  Large numbers and spread out  Kept
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