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Intro To Terms And Concepts1 Nationality a A Persons nationality is where they retain citizenship 2 Race a The assumption of innate differences based on real or imagined physical characteristics thb Johan BlumenbachGerman scholar in late 18 century 1795 that believed Caucasian people of Russia were superior c Susan Phippssued Louisiana in 1980s to have her racial classification changed from black to white lost the case i Louisianaone drop of nonwhite blood classifies you as African ii Up until 1960s70s blood of different races were kept separate 3 Ethnicity a Shared categorization of people based on factors like shared cultural values nationality language religion and gender roles b Comes from Greek root word ethos meaning nation c English used it to determine who was Christian and who was heathen thd US changed definition in late 19 century due to immigration e You choose your ethnicity 4 Racial Hierarchy a Europeans put themselves at the top of the chain b Costas painting 5 Racialization a The ranking of races according to the dominant group b Started by Thomas Jefferson i Wrote Notes on the State of Virginia 1 Believed African slaves to be lesser people but we will not be able to know this until science gives us the answers ii Believed science could answer anything including race 1 Southern slaveholders were hoping that science could justify slavery c Josiah NottSamuel Morton i Mortonscientist from Philadelphia 1 Collected skulls from all over the globe measured volume 2 Decided that because Caucasian skulls had the most volume they were the smarter people ii Nottscientist from Mobile 1 Because of the way skulls were shaped all races other than white were essentially a different species 2 If Caucasians and other races marry it is bestiality
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