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AMH 2097
Jonathan Sheppard

The Slave Trade 1. Africans a. The Triangle Trade System / The South Atlantic System i. Dominated western economy from 1600s-1800s 1. Ships would take trade crops to Europe, then manufactured goods to Africa, then slaves to the Americas b. Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade i. Largest forced migration of people ever ii. 12.5 million taken into captivity, 10.8 million actually reached colonies, 1.7 million died 1. Of the 10.8 million, only 4% were brought to North America, 96% went to the Caribbean iii. Not the first slave system in history iv. First system based entirely on color 2. Origins a. Bartolome de las Casas i. Travelled to Spanish colonies in Hispaniola in the early 1500s as a priest ii. Disagreed with the treatment of natives due to Christianity backlash 1. Suggested use of Africans instead a. “Asiento” i. Trade agreement that had 4000 African slaves brought to New World in the mid- 1500s by king of Spain b. Sugar Cane i. Not native to Americas ii. Extremely labor intensive 1. Natives died very quickly, Africans more resilient, though they still only lasted 2-3 seasons on average iii. Extremely high demand in Europe iv. Used to make rum v. Barbados was second bigg
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