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Lecture 8

HUM 2020 Lecture 8: Week 8 Things to Know

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HUM 2020

1 Chapter 14 Terms • Humanism o Value traits and talents of individual people o Ideas of simplicity and balance to be proportional • Avignon Papacy o French papacy o Moved the main seat of the Vatican to Avignon, France o For 67 years o There were 6 popes over this time period and they were all French • Baptistery o A place where people were baptized o Separate from the cathedral o It is believed to have been built on the site dedicated to St. John the Baptist o Has 4 sets of doors and there is a competition to design one of the sets of doors • Brunelleschi o Doesn’t win the competition for the doors o Gets mad and leaves Florence for Rome o Figured out perspective • Ghiberti o Wins door competition o Did north and east doors • Perspective o Mathematical process that allows you to create the feeling of 3 dimensions • Cosimo de’Medici o Medici family had their own chapel commissioned o Starts commissioning art o Commissioned Botticelli • Duomo o Florence cathedral ▪ St. Mary of the Flower • Dufay o Composed The Rose Blossoms • The Rose Blossoms o Dufay 2 o Song • Scientific Perspective o Same as Linear Perspective o Gave us 3D in the Renaissance • Linear perspective o Same as Scientific Perspective • Vanishing point o Where diagonal lines meet to create 3D look • Vantage point o Vanishing point depends on Vantage Point for the 3D-ness to be seen o Where you are standing when you look at the piece • Masaccio o Painter o Trinity o The Tribute Money • Trinity o Masaccio o First known painting to demonstrate linear perspective • The Tribute Money o Masaccio • Atmospheric perspective o Doesn’t have anything to do with geometry o Using hazing to make things look further back in the background • Contrapposto o Putting more weight on one side of a statue to make it stand on its own • Donatello o Sculpts first standing sculpture since antiquity o David, bronze • David o Donatello o Bronze o Applied Scientific Perspective to his sculptures • Botticelli o Commissioned by Medici family o Adoration of the Magi • Adoration of the Magi 3 o Botticelli • Urban palaces o Not very inviting from the outside o Inside is like a little city • Lorenzo the Magnificent o Cosimo de Medici’s grandson • Primavera o Not biblical piece of art o Shows Mary and Venus • Castigilione o Had to be a soldier o Had to know how to draw, be an art historian, excel in art and music o Know Greek and Latin, Spanish or French o Had to be able to read Italian poets o Have
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