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Lecture 11

HUM 2020 Lecture 11: Week 11 Things to Know

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HUM 2020

Week 11 Things to Know • Caravaggio o Had a tremendous following of artists o Concepts of dark and light o Painted real people off the streets  problematic o Had a temper—killed a tennis referee o After he is exiled, he started to do really religious works in hopes that he would be allowed back o The Calling of Saint Matthew o Had a huge influence on other artists ▪ Artemisia Gentileschi • The Calling of Saint Matthew o Caravaggio • Tenebrism o Lots of dark, and then light o Mystical • Artemisia Gentileschi o One of the first internationally recognized female artists o Raped by the man she was with ▪ She took him to court o Painted very strong female characters ▪ Judith and Holofernes • Painted 5 paintings of Judith beheading Holofernes • Judith and Holofernes o Judith beheading Holofernes o Artemisia Gentileschi • Giovanni Gabrieli o Rise of real music as we know it o Secular and religious music for church services not to cross over o Venetian o Venice never under the Pope’s control o Non-religious music in Venice o Put multiple choirs in St. Mark’s Cathedral o Put different parts of the orchestra in different parts of the church o Responsible for orchestration • Claudio Monteverdi o Father of opera o Orfeo • Opera o Story is sung o Claudio Monteverdi • Orfeo o Monteverdi’s first opera o Greek topic • Libretto o Written, gives you an idea of what is going on in the opera • Aria o Like a soliloquy, but sung o When a character sings about something, usually a solo or a small group • Antonio Vivaldi o Popular composer o Musical director at an orphanage ▪ Some of his students became amazing flutists and violinists o Known for his concertos • Concertos o Have 3 movements • The Four Seasons o 12 Pieces/4 Concertos o Vivaldi • Spanish Fury o Spanish soldiers rioted and killed 7000 citizens of the Duke of Alba o 4-day battle o Unites the 17 provinces of the Netherlands • Johannes Goedaert o Flowers in a Wan-li Vase • Flowers in a Wan-li Vase o Vanitas painting • Vanitas o Reminding you that yes, we live in a beautiful time, and yes, nature is beautiful, that everyone/thing dies o Dead worm in the corner of a beautiful painting ▪ Flowers in a Wan-li Vase • Landscapes o Paintings for the home • Still lifes o Paintings for the home • Genres o A number of similar scenes o Made for the home, not churches • Johannes Vermeer o 34 paintings o Most works dealing with women in domestic themes o Used baroque light differently from the south o The Girl with the Pearl Earring • The Girl with the Pearl Earring o Johannes Vermeer • Rembrandt o Canvases were huge o Known for self-portraits o The Night Watch • The Night Watch o Rembrandt • Bach o Composed for the Protestant church o Composed over 300 cantatas o Brandenburg Concertos • Brandenburg Concertos o Bach • Louis XIV o Autocratic king o Known for his gorgeous legs o Studied ballet o Performed solos o Introduced the concept of the fork o Encouraged the noble women to sleep with him o Had a very structured routine o Claimed divine right o Claimed that he didn’t need to be crowned by the Pope o Felt unsafe in the Louvres ▪ It was a medieval fort o Wanted to move to Versailles • Age of Absolutism o Absolute monarchy o King has all power • Versailles o Hall of Mirrors • Hall of Mirrors o To commemorate the succession of the war in Poland o Mirrors made of pure sterling silver • Peter Paul Rubens o Commissioned to paint a cycle (24 paintings) of paintings of Marie d’Medici o Paintings more colorful and sensual o From Amsterdam • Nicolas Poussin o French o The Shepherds of Arcadia o Paintings are more geometric ▪ Early cubism • The Shepherds of Arcadia o Nicolas Poussin o More geometric than swirly • Comedie Francaise o Established by Louis XIV o Allowed for a great growth in theater o • Moliere o Wrote satirical works o Tartuffe o His plays
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