INR 3003 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Proxy War

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7 Feb 2017

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Nationalism, the Nation-State, & Decolonization
(Feb 6-10)
1. Colonization
1. Boundary Drawing (serve the colonial powers)
1. Western colonies talked it out (to avoid conflict)
2. Did not assess the linguistic, demographics, culture, tribes within the agreement
(No one cared who lived there)
3. As long as the people fighting were fighting against each other --. They aren't
fighting those who colonized (keep the people from uniting/ did’t wat the
learning a common language linking them together/ keep nationalism away)
4. Britain was the first to industrialize
1. Needed markets (greater resources)
2. Asia and Africa was left alone until industrialization
1. Imperialist powers were looking for resources and markets
2. Zones of extraction --> resources and cheap labor
3. Iraq was created as a state in 1921
1. British mandate (fashioned Iraq)
2. Sui / Shi'ite/ Kurds ad oil too they do’t like each other ad resources to
fight each other
2. Decolonization (after WWII)
1. Challenges and conflict
1. The colonies were being fought (rhetoric or arms)
2. Colonization had been undermined (superiority was called into question)
3. The British let India go --> Pakistan formed (identity and borders were an issue)
1. Multiple wars between the two
4. 1948 Israel proclaims statehood (went to war with neighbors next day)
5. Japan colonized Korea (proxy war --> north and south)
6. Vietnam --> French tried reestablishing control (proxy war)
7. Angola --> Portugal (forced out, rival factions) (proxy war)
3. Process of Decolonization (& the UN)
1. Two ways
1. Power left on its own accord
1. Britain and India (Britain pulled out)
2. Forced out
1. Portuguese were forced out of Angola
2. French out of Vietnam
2. Since decolonization we have had more civil wars than wars between states
1. Because we have artificial states (shouldn't have been drawn the way they are
2. Lots of failed states
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