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Lecture 1

PHI 2100 Lecture 1: PHI 2100 Chapter 1 Miller

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PHI 2100
Daniel J Miller

Find prose and structure of arguments Arguments can be formed by anyone as a form of persuasion (people like politicians, religious leaders, professors) Sherlock: he is arguing for a particular conclusion, and he offers reasons for this conclusion that follows rules Conclusion: the man was murdered; not a suicide Reasons: the man was left-handed Introduction to Arguments ● An argument is not just contradiction ● An argument is the basic unit of reasoning ● It is a connected series of statements or propositions (premises) that are intended to give a reason of some kind for another statement or proposition (conclusion) Assertion vs. Arguments ● Assertion is simply a claim or statement ● Unsupported claims are not arguments What is the purpose of an argument? ● To persuade people of something ● But should provide good reasons to make it rational for others to believe you ● Offering justification ● Not all arguments are aimed at persuading someone else ● Might try to make an argument to justify a belief that you hold or convince yourself of some conclusion Argument Parts ● Arguments are m
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